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I’ve redecorated the blog!



Hope you like it!?

DOCTOR WHO Exclusive Inside Look at Ep 1 DEEP BREATH - BBC AMERICA

Talking about that scene at the end of 8X01

Under the cut for spoilers

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The original fanmade concept that the official S8 opening is based of

OFFICIAL Doctor Who Series 8 Opening Title Sequence + New Theme Song

Doctor Who Extra, Deep Breath

iamstillthedoctor said: It is magnificent! Doors are boring though, so don’t use them to often!

Thinking of remaking the whole blog. It’s been long since i redesigned it.

It was time to change the icon. Hope you like it

And i’m officially back.

The blog just reached 32.000 followers, the episode was great.

Everything is good!


Reblogging again because we now know when/where that scene is from

Can i get over this episode? I can’t get over this episode.

I won’t be posting spoilers but PLEASE don’t be on Tumblr and expect to not see spoilers if you haven’t watched the episode.

Don’t ruin it for you. It was an amazing episode full of surprises and feels

Log off (until you watch it)

For those asking about the fan that created the opening of series 8

Its so cool!

lillynire3-in-the-tardis: What do you think about the new opening?

I loved it! And to think that it was originally made by a fan makes it even better!

I would love to talk about the ep. Feel free to discuss with me via the ask